Emerging Technologies - Water Structuring


How does the water structuring jug work?

The Greenpaths Water Structuring Jug turns unstructured water into structured clustered healthy drinking water with a high-level oxygen and a basic pH value that neutralizes some of the acid-forming foods we consume and to restore a natural balance in the body.  

The system is simple and based on nature's own premises.  With a silver-plated propeller shaped like a maple leaf, water is transformed into textured, clustered water by left turn, also called implosion. Using motion, sound, magnetism, the silver, velocity, time and form (the egg-shaped structure at the bottom of the jug), energetic water is created with a basic Ph value.

As part of the process, a large amount of oxygen is absorbed into the water via an air hole in the lid of the jug.


Good, clustered left-turned structured water holds the following benefits:

  • Enhances the Cellular Hydration in your body
  • Enhances the nutrient transport throughout the body
  • Enhances the removal of toxins and waste from cells and the  body
  • Helps maintain normal electrical properties of cells and cellular systems in the body.

As far back as in 1930, Viktor Shauberger and other researchers studied the "electrical spin" of atoms and molecules, and found out, the micro and macro cosmos are the same. It turns out that all matter has either a right turning or left turning "electrical spin."

Left turning is implosion, increasing energy, and right turning explosion, missing or spreading energy. 

According to Schauberger, and many others with him, the implosion technique is the energy source of the future, energy and all life forms

And so, the idea for the water jug, in conjunction with Danish researcher Arne H Paulsen, ​​was developed by Julia Vøldan, Humlegården in North Zealand around 1950.

The shape of the jug also resembles the Fibonacci spiral. The significance in nature relates to optimizations of growth itself and to optimize the function of living organisms.

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